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Ultimate Myofascial Release - Mobile


Myofascial release focuses on releasing muscular and fascial shortness and tightness. Fascia is a connective tissue that connects everything in the body. By addressing both muscles and fascia injuries, chronic pain and postural faults can be treated.  

During this comprehensive 60 minute session, we use a tailored protocol of myofascial release techniques  to reduce muscle tension, improve flexibility, reduce pain and improve your overall posture. To stretch the fascia and muscle,  we gently pull then moves the legs, arms, spine, and neck in a smooth motion at various angles to remove pressure between joints, release joint-lubricating synovial fluid, and improve flexibility of muscles.

Regular treatments are recommended for those suffering from chronic pain. The treatments can also help to achieve instant and natural beauty enhancements such as non-surgical face lifts, neck lengthening, increase height and/or a slimmer appearance.

Please note that an insurance receipt cannot be provided for these treatments.  The treatments involve myofascial release therapy, fascial stretching and exercises recommendations.

This visit can be done on set, in the comfort of your home or hotel room or backstage. Please email hi@dr-Liza.com if you have questions about this visit.

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