Initial Chiropractic Consultation + Treatment   $150

During your initial chiropractic consultation, Dr. Liza will obtain a comprehensive history, perform a focused physical examination, and diagnose your chief complaint.  She will relate to you her prescribed plan of management and treat your complaint if appropriate.  If your condition cannot be improved by chiropractic care, she will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Visit   $70

This visit consists of  a comprehensive treatment protocol that addresses the muscles, fascia, joints and nerves. Using extensive manual therapy we make adjustments to the body to allow for better movement, eliminate pain and improve overall functioning.

the[fix] adjustment includes chiropractic adjustments/spinal manipulation, myofascial release therapy, active release therapy, mobilizations and stretching. The adjustment is tailored to each individual patient.

Once the problem has been [fix]ed, exercises are prescribed to maintain progress and to reduce the chances of a reoccurrence.