Every year during TIFF we pop-up so that celebrities can enjoy a quick reprieve from the hustle and bustle of TIFF. All proceeds go to charity and this year we are supporting health programs in Africa through WE charity. 

We partnered with some amazing Canadian brands we know celebrities would love and need - especially during TIFF. This year we are featured Massiel Made’s glow mist, Sade Baron’s balm, MIURA Japanese Iced coffee, The Fix + co. green juice and immunity shots, Hyatt hair jewellery [handcrafted in Calgary], Canadian Ungava gin, our signature tiff candy mix, Fresca sparkling water and the dr. Liza flat. Calgary based Sugar + Flair provided custom gluten-free cookies.

We were thrilled to have so many stop by for a good cause. The green juices from The Fix + co. were hugely popular with celebrities like Ellen Page, London Brown and Imogen Poots. London Brown said he felt fixed after downing an immunity shot. Stars like Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart, Hugo Weaving and Felicity Jones snagged some the[fix] candy while Gael García Bernal, Priyanka Chopra and Cynthia Erivo opted for the[fix] balm. Wesley Snipes and the cast of Harriet grabbed loved Sade Baron’s awesome balms while Julia Stiles and Kasi Lemmons flocked towards Massiel Made’s glow mist.

Keke Palmer, Kristin Booth, Priyanka Chopra and Cynthia Erivo were given the gift of comfort and style with dr. Liza shoes. Emmanuel Kabongo loved MIURA’s japanese coffee so much that he came back for a case. The stars loved MIURA’s metal straws and rummaged through bags to find the last ones.

Neve Campbell and Cynthia Erivo’s hair stylists loved the beautiful HYATT hair clips while Antonio Banderas l the cast of Hustlers loved their custom cookies from Sugar and Flair. The stars we wowed by the minis of Canadian Ungava gin and took some to enjoy later in the evening. They also grabbed some cans of Fresca to mix. The black cherry was by far the most popular!

Here are just some of the stars that signed our board:

  • Zazie Beetz

  • Jessica Biel

  • Kristin Booth

  • Neve Campbell

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas

  • Rosario Dawson

  • Jamie Dornan

  • Cynthia Erivo

  • Gael García Bernal

  • Heather Graham

  • Lucas Hedges

  • Charlie Hunnam

  • Michael B. Jordan

  • Keegan-Michael Key

  • Emmanuel Kabongo

  • Nicole Kidman

  • Shia LaBeouf

  • Josh Lucas

  • The Lumineers

  • Matt Murray

  • Ellen Page

  • Imogen Poots

  • Eddie Redmayne

  • Wesley Snipes

  • Kristen Stewart

  • Julia Stiles

  • Hugo Weaving

Stay tuned for the auction for WE Charity!

the[fix] LUXURY RETREAT - Angelina Jolie + Simon Baker + Javier Bardem